Ten Little Things #61

1. Watching Mr. G watch the rain
2. Finally getting thank you notes written (now I just have to get the right envelopes to send them!)
3. Mr. G is potty trained!  He’s doing so well and now I’m going to knock on wood just to be safe…
4. Putting together valentines for Mr. G’s class
5. Starting my very first small group in eleven years at our church! Very excited!
6. Getting a treat with my little man in celebration of what ultimately can be considered a successful DMV trip.
7. Telling hubby and I’s love story
8. A super sweet Valentine’s Day card from my two favorite guys
9. The studio I work at had their annual company showcase and I had a great time going with my mom like we do every year.
10. Sweet snuggles while watching a movie

What brought YOU joy this past week?
XO, Kelly

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