Saw It, Pinned It, Tried It // Crazy Love Valentine Art

I saw this Valentine art on Pinerest and thought it was adorable.  Then, once I saw how to make it, I knew I had to try it with Mr. G.  It’s such a simple DIY with an awesome end product and it’s fun for your little ones.

What You’ll Need: Paper, Pen/Sharpie, Watercolors, Straw

For my paper, I chose to use some that is specifically for watercolors.  This keeps the paper from getting too soggy plus, I planned to scan the final product into my computer so I wanted the paper to hold up.  Draw out a head, face, and any other doodles you’d like.  Just be sure to leave the hair out.

Once you’re ready for the paint, fill a cup with water and get your first color ready.  Gently dab some of the paint onto the paper and hand your child the straw.  Get really close to the drop of paint and blow!  Mr. G thought it was so cool when the paint went crazy!
Side Story: He only thought it was cool for the first couple of seconds.  Then he realized that the boy on the page was going to have crazy hair and he didn’t want that.  He wanted “nice hair”!  So the rest of this project was very tearful and sometimes a lot of spit came out of the straw.  Oh to be a “threenager”!
Keep adding drops and spraying them up the page until you rach the desired look.  Be sure to have a couple of straws handy becuase, depending on the age of your child, they may get pretty spitty.

I had a feeling that Mr. G would only sit still for one project so I scanned the original into the computer and printed them out as 5X7s.  Now everyone can have one!  Check out THIS TUTORIAL for more on how to turn your child’s art into a card.

I love the end result of the project. So colorful and whimsical!

Have a Pinterest project you’d like me to try?  I’d love to hear from you and try it out!
XO, Kelly
PS: Saw It, Pinned It, Tried It is now on Wednesdays! 

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