Have you ever seen a logo or site design that included a a unique textured word and wondered how do they did that?  I did too!  So I found out how to do it and decided I’d share it with you here.  The tutorial I had found used a bunch of pictures and basically created a word crop.  I then applied it to different textures like glitter backgrounds, watercolor, and digital scrapbook paper.

Start by opening up a new window with your background texture.  Then, go to your layers box and create a new WHITE layer.  Be sure to click the white option otherwise you’ll end up with a transparent one.

Using the font tool, type out your word in the font you’d like to use.  I felt that the word “sassy” and pink glitter fit well together!  Head back to the layers box and right click on the text layer.  Click “text to selection” and the letters should become outlined in flashy dots.  Now delete the text layer and you’re left with just the flash dots outlining where the word was.

To get rid of the white, click edit then clear and it should disappear, leaving only the glitter.  Click select and none to turn off the flashy dots. Crop the file down and save it as a .JPG.

Now to apply it to a logo or header design.  If your design does not need to be transparent, use the glitter word as is.  If it does need to be transparent, i.e. no white background, follow the next set of instructions.

Open a new  project and type your word again in white.  Next, open your glitter word and change the transparency by clicking layer and “color to alpha”.  Copy and paste the transparent glitter word into the new project.

Resize the glitter word until it covers the white one and there you have your glitter word!  Now you can design around it to suit your design.

**I’m not sure it this moniker exists already, so I apologize if I used your name without knowing.**

I have used this technique for logo designs and even my own blog!

The possibilities are endless!
XO, Kelly