I love scrapbooking, photo albums, and all that archiving goodness.  So when my best friend told me about Project Life 3 years ago I was super excited.  I had done traditional scrapbooking before and that can be daunting.  So much paper and extra bits when all you want it just the picture and the memory to stand out. This is why I love Project Life so much.  It’s scrapbooking simplified yet still super cute and fun!

So I started with highlights from when Mr. G was born and gradually caught up in the year and continued through 2013.  Enter 2014, the year we moved into our house!  I had my new binder, I was ready to do this!  Cut to December of the same year and you’ll find practically empty binder with a few pictures where I had attempted to get started.  Oh man, how in the world was I going to record the past year with the new one fast approaching?  And how in the world was I going to pay for a year’s worth of photos!  That was going to be expensive.  Or was it?

images via iTunes app store (Project Life App / Free Prints)
This is where good ole’ phone apps come in handy!  Throughout the last half of the year I had been using the Project Life app so that helped for some of the events that I had a lot of pitcures that I wanted.  One sheet of paper, all the photos and the journaling done!  But I couldn’t do that for every event from the year.  That would have put me at around $50 for just half of my year.  So I chose a few of my favorite layouts saved from the app and had them printed through Persnickty Prints (which can now all be done through the PL app!).  This came out to about $15.

Now for the rest of the photos.  Free Prints is one of my favorite photo apps that I have on my phone. Each month you get 85 FREE 4X6 prints each month (no roll over).  FREE!  FREE!! All you have to do is pay for the shipping and if you need you’re photos to be printed in a different size, i.e. Instagram photos look better as 5X5 prints.  The other feature that I love is that you can pull your photos from other media sites, like Facebook.  I have an entire Facebook photo album entitled!  Easy as that.  I clicked the pictures I wanted for each little moment from the year and hit order!  With extra sizes and shipping, that order came out to just over $20.

All I had to do from there was wait for the pictures to come in the mail, place them in their repective areas of the binder and write in a few memories here and there.  Luckily, I had a ton of old pages left over from the year before and even some random layouts that were given to me.  I just went to town, placing things where the fit and filling in the blanks.  It took me just a few hours, spread out over two days since Mr. G’s not really that into scrapbooking and I had to utilze nap time, and I was done!  

Here are some of my favorite layouts:

I definitely don’t recommend scrapbooking this way.  It’s not very efficient and doing it as the year goes along is much more inexpensive.  However, I made it work and I’m very happy with the end result!  I plan to be much more diligent with this year’s, ordering prints at the end of every month!

XO, Kelly