DIY // Floral Hanging Mirror

I saw this DIY on Pinterest a while back and loved it.  I mean what’s not to love, beautiful fresh flowers, peonies no less, pinks and soft hues, a mirror!  Did you go look at it?  if you didn’t, you should….I’ll wait….

It’s beautiful right?!  Well, as beautiful as it is, it is completely unrealistic for me to make.  For many reasons.  1. I kill plants with my black thumb so real flowers are a no go.  2. A mirror that size, really of any size, is expensive.  3. I don’t think my husband would let something that frilly make it’s way into our house.  Pick your battles.  I did get anway with THIS though!

Anyway, this hanging mirror is my way of taking what I love about the original and keeping it from being deemed “too girly” by the Mister.

What You’ll Need: Round Gift Box (or small hat box), Gold Spray Paint, Floral Moss, Small Circle Mirror, Small Faux Flowers, Ribbon/Twine/Burlap Trim for hanging (anything working for hanging, use whatever works with your decor)

Choose the shallower half of your box and spray paint it.  Once it’s dry, glue the moss to the bottom.  Leave a large enough circle blank for the mirror.

Glue in the mirror.  If needed, add a small piece of wood to the back of the mirror so it can be glued to the bottom of the box.  Then arrange/glue the flowers to the moss around it.

For the hanger, gule it to the outside rim of the box.  Start at the bottom and work your way to the top.  Stop when you’ve gone about 3/4 of the way.  Tie the ends and hang!

XO, Kelly

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