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Tot Activity // Attention Expanders

Ever since Mr. G stared preschool we’ve been working on “listening ears” and following directions.  As with any young child, neither of these is easy, especially going into a preschool setting from being the only child of a SAHM.  And don’t get me wrong, even when he was just at home he got time outs and general discipline.  Preschool is just more of it for longer periods of time and that’s just not something my child is in to at this stage of his life.  And let’s be real, no one really likes doing what they don’t want to do, adults and toddlers alike!

One day, after a day of general not listening and zero attention in circle time, Mr. G’s teacher gave me a suggestion of how we can work on it at home by sitting down for 5 minutes for a small activity where he has to concentrate and listen.  I don’t know if I’ve said this before, but I just love Mr. G’s teachers!  They are always communicating what they are working on so that Mr. G can have consistency and will thrive in his school environment.  Just had to say that!

So, in an effort to work on expanding Mr. G’s attention, I gave it a shot and came up with a couple of fun activities to do with him.  Let me tell you, if you stick with it, it works!  Mr. G has gotten up to 15 mins of circle time at school!

** Before each activity set a timer for 5 minutes.  Tell your child that once the timer goes off, they can get back to playing!  As their attention span continues to improve, increase the time of the activity. **

1. Coloring Shapes
This was actually the example from Mr. G’s teacher.  Print out a sheet with shapes on it, be sure they are shapes that your child knows, and have them color them in according to your directions.  For example, tell them to color the circles red, then the squares blue, triangles yellow, and so on.  I found THIS one by typing in the phase “shape sheet”.  It’s technically a maze worksheet but it works for this activity too!

2. Sticker Sorting

You will need 3 different types of stickers.  (i.e. Mickey Mouse, Toy Story, flowers, animals, etc.)  Draw out three large shapes on a piece of paper and tell them which stickers go where. For the example above, the Toy Story stickers go in the circle, the Thomas stickers go in the triangle, etc.  This helps them work on shapes and sorting in the same activity!

3. The Face

This is one of my favorites.  Print out the two sheets below and cut out the parts of the face.

Parts of the Face DOWNLOAD                                                                

Give them one of the parts and ask them what it is and where is goes.  Then they can glue it on to the blank face.  Depending on the age of your child, you can do more with this activity.  They can color the parts of the face before cutting or they can cut them out themselves if they’re ready for scissors.

For Mr. G right now, he’s working on gluing and isn’t very interested in coloring so I doing the cutting out before the activity and he does the gluing.  If there’s time left on the timer, I encourage him to color the final picture.

4. Read
There’s nothing like a good, ole’ fashion story time.  It’s not only good for their development, but if they’re in school/daycare/MMO, it’s probably an activity they are familiar with and will enjoy.

What fun activities do you like to work on with your child?
XO, Kelly


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