Ten Little Things #57

1. Crashing monster trucks with Mr. G
2. My new (DIY!) slippers
3. Mr. G is really starting to say some funny things.  I need to start writing them all down! This week it was “I’m a spy!” as he hid behind his chair at lunchtime.
4. Freshly brewed espresso
5. I bought a new font that I’m absolutely obsessed about so naturally the blog got a tiny makeover!
6. Mr. G has been having really good days in school these past few weeks.  I’m one proud mama!
7. Party Prep!
8. My Birthday and Mr. G’s birthday party!
9. Jumping monster trucks over my mom and aunt was a highlight of the after party.  They’re such good sports!  Anything for Mr. G!
10. Wonderful birthday dinner with family.

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What brought YOU joy this past week?
XO, Kelly

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