I mentioned this a little in my resolutions post last week and I said I would share a little more about what I meant.  So here we go!
Why is NEW in quotations you ask?  Well that’s because it’s not a new philosophy in the blogging world.  It just new to me.  For the longest time I thought I had to post EVERY DAY.

E   V   E   R   Y      D   A   Y

I’ve read post after post about blogger block and “the best blogging advice” and so on.  Essentially, they all say the same thing.  If blogging starts to become an obligation, assuming this is something you do for fun, then you need to take a step back.  This was really weighing on my heart.  I felt like maybe I was just too caught up in the “I have to post. I have to post.”.  I was spending so much time at the computer that maybe I wasn’t present with Mr. G enough.  I would feel anxious if on any given day I didn’t post at all, what would happen to my numbers?  THE NUMBERS!!!

Oh right…all those posts I’ve been reading say don’t worry about those.

They also said the timeless classic “Quality Over Quantity”.  Hmm… These bloggers may be on to something.  But what was I going to do about any of this?

So I prayed about it.  (Another resolution!  Bringing God into ALL aspects of my life) I prayed for God to lead me in the way I was suppose to go in this blogging thing.  Should I change my image, rebrand, again?  That just sounded like a terrible idea.  Plus, I like the whole focusing on happiness thing I have going on.  Should I just take a sabbatical, just to clear my bloggy-head.  Should I quit altogether?  Wow, that was a hard one to think about but it did seem like a real option.  But I kept hearing “Quality Over Quantity” again and again in my head.

Quality Over Quantity…

And that’s where I am now.  I’m not quitting.  I enjoy writing too much and sharing my little creations.  I’m just posting less.  So if you want to know what to expect, here’s a run down of my blogging schedule:

Monday – Ten Little Things
Wednesday – Mommyhood or DIY
Friday – Mommyhood or DIY
Sat/Sun – Inspiration (sometimes a freebie!)

Short and simple.  Some weeks might have 2  DIYs, a mommy post then a DIY, sometimes a Pinterest try out (Saw It, Pinned It, Tried It), and so on.  This decision has lifted a HUGE weight off my little bloggy shoulders and allows me to spend more time being present in my everyday life.

XO, Kelly