Favorite Valentine DIYs and Freebies

That lovey holiday is right around the corner!  Which also makes me think, how in the world are we already at the end of January?!

Today I’m taking a look back a sharing some of my favorite Valentine inspired projects.  No matter how you celebrate or who you celebrate with, it’s always nice to give someone a gift or make something for someone you love.

1. Valentine Love Note Mailbox

I LOVED doing this with my hubby.  In the days leading up to Valentine’s Day we wrote little notes to one another and put them in the box.  Then, when Valentine’s Day arrived, we opened up our letters and read them.  No money was spent, just love shared.  Totally doing this again this year!

2. DIY Valentine Photo Booth

Oh wow, this is definitely a “Flashback Friday”! This simple and easy photo booth set up was so much fun to do because it involved a lot of kisses.  All you really need is a sign (free printable in the original post) and some lipstick.  Squishy, adorable baby cheeks are optional, but highly recommended!

3. Rhinestone Heart Phone Case

So, this is not technically a Valentine project, but a sparkly way to get in the mood for love! I mean, what says “LOVE” more than a shiny, sparkly heart?

4. LOVE-ly Freebies

A round up of free, love inspired prints to decorate to your heart’s content!

5. Heart Stamped Doily Banner

This works great for the photo booth or to decorate your mantel.  Inexpensive and easy to create!

6. Coffee Lid Heart Stencil

When in doubt, just put a heart on it with this DIY heart stencil!  Any plastic lid will work for this project which makes it reusable so you can use it over and over and over…and over!

What are some of your favorite valentine projects?
XO, Kelly

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