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I love decorating our walls.  Gallery walls are always a good choice as well as just a few pieces here and there.  The hardest part about filling your space with pretty things is the not so pretty price that can come along with it!  So here are a few inexpensive and easy ways to add some color and art to your home. A few of which you’ll see again with Mr. G’s big boy room reveal!

1. Greeting Cards

Ever get a pretty thank you card in the mail or a see a card in the store with an awesome design?  Frame it! At most, a high end card will cost you $5.  That may be a lot for a card, but not for art.  However, if it’s one that someone sent you, it’s free!  The one above is a Christmas card that I thought would look great in Mr. G’s transportation/travel themed room.

2. Your Own Handwriting

I love adding personal touches like this to our house.  It’s my own handwriting, what’s more personal than that? The piece above is still one of my favorites. All you need is a canvas, a pencil, and some black paint.  Write out your words in pencil first then go over it in the paint.

Got some splatter on the canvas by accident?  Leave it!  It gives your piece a nice ink and paper feel.
Don’t like your own handwriting?  Find handwriting you do like and mimic it*.  Some of my favorite artists that inspire my handwritten pieces are Mandy England Art, A Beautiful Mess, and Holly Holt Design.

DIY Repurposed Word Art

*Please note, I am not saying to print out their work and call it your own, resell it, or anything like that. Just use for inspiration!

3. Gift Bags

This works just like those greeting cards.  Some of the fancier ones may seem like a hefty price for a bag that some may just throw out, but it’s super cheap for art.  Cut out a piece of the bag to fit your frame and you’re good to go.

4. Scrapbook Paper and Scrapbook/Filler Cards

Yup, that’s a piece of scrapbook paper!  Scrapbook paper is definitely not just for scrapbooking in my opinion.  I use it for so much more.  It’s great for framing by itself or to use like a photo mat.  You can also cut out pieces or use small filler cards and Modge Podge them to a canvas.  The 4X6 filler cards are great for framing or pinning/clipping to your favorite board.  The options are endless.  And, of course, scrapbook paper is great for DIY phone cases too!

4. Combine 2 of the above examples!

Use your handwriting on a card or piece of gift bag.  Always write your message with pencil first and the retrace with paint or a sharpie.  I love the one I did in the picture above on a gorgeous gift bag from Target.  It sits above my computer and reminds me of my one little word for 2015.

5. Stickers

Stickers are a great way to make some fast art.  Grab some letters and spell out a message (See THIS project) or grab a pack like THIS and THIS to create instant art!

What you try some other easy art projects?  Here are some of my favorites:
DIY Scrabble Tile Art
DIY Fancy Frames
DIY Honeycomb Decor
DIY Fabric Covered Canvas Art

What do you like to have on your walls at home?  Are you a gallery wall kind of person or just like a few piece that have special meaning?
XO, Kelly


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