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Gav’s Construction Birthday Party

*Featured in September 2017 issue of Parents magazine

We had so much fun last week celebrating Mr. G’s birthday with our friends and family.  This year we went with a construction theme since that’s one of his favorite things in the world.  He knows just about all of the names of the vehicles and will, no doubt, correct you if you’re wrong. Also, as an added bonus, the street behind our house, a major road that we travel daily, is undergoing massive construction.  I mean, like this won’t be done for a few years so there are construction vehicles working on the shoulders everyday.  Mr. G is in hog heaven!

So, once I new what our theme was, I created a Pinterest board to get all my ideas together and then narrowed them all down to fit in my budget.  Believe me, if I could have done everything on that board, I would have! Here’s how it turned out:

Wrecking Ball
Empty boxes, blocks, and permission to destroy something!  What’s not to love!  This is also a great outdoor activity for those warmer month birthdays.
Pin the Nail on the Hammer
This game was a gamble since I wasn’t too sure how 2/3 year olds would feel about being blindfolded.  I have to say, they didn’t do too bad!  They wanted to peek but when we helped hold it down and explained to them it had to stay like that, they didn’t hate it too much!
To create the hammer I traced the outline on a piece of poster board, painted it in, then cut it out.  The nails are cutout cardstock.
The Hammer Punch
I got this idea from a superhero themed party Mr. G attended last summer.  The kids get a little extra prize by picking a cup and punching through the paper.  All I did was add a hammer and set the game on the ground.  Here’s how to make it:
What You’ll Need: Foam Board, Paper Cups, Small Party Favors/Candy, Tissue Paper, Rubber Bands, Toy Hammer
Fill the paper cups with the favors and candy then glue them to the board.  Cut squares from the tissue paper and secure them to the cups with a rubber band.  Give party guests the hammer and let them smash away!
My mom and my aunt worked together and really hit the nail on the head with this cake! (see what I did there?!) My mom saw this on Pinterest and really wowed our guests with the final product.  There weren’t any directions so she asked for some tips from a friend that does awesome cakes.  A couple great tips for this cake:
1. Cut out your number from paper and trace it with a tooth pick on the cake.
2. For the road, add melted butter to crushed Oreos to create a more tar like consistency and easier application.
Most of this was purchased from Oriental Trading Company.  The pebbles are just skittles in a small bag from the jewelry section of the craft store.  Smack a label on it and you’ve got a bag of pebbles!
And those lollipops!  I had to…I just had to!
Did you see all of the labels and signs in the pictures?  I made those with some free graphics from!
The tool box labels were printed on sticker sheets then cut out and placed on the boxes.  For the signs, I printed them out two to a page and cut into large rectangles, folded them, then wrote the messages.
Here’s to another wonderful year with our crazy, funny, amazing 3 YEAR OLD!
XO, Kelly



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