Hi there!  I sure hope everyone had a wonderful holiday filled with family, friends, joy, and relaxation. Last week was certainly one of the most joy filled weeks of the year so I will do my best to get it down to just 10 moments!

1. Starbucks iced coffee straight from my refrigerator!
2. Fun IKEA trip with my parents complete with a guided tour from Mr. G.
3. Watching my hubs physically lift a riding toy at Walmart just so Mr. G could have fun was the sweetest thing EVER.
4. Christmas Eve dinner with family
5. A Christmas Eve tradition
6. Doing all of the fun Santa traditions with Mr. G for the first time!  The reindeer food, cookies and milk, and playing Santa once he went to bed, so much fun!
8. My fabulous present made by the hubs
9. We all loved watching Mr. G drive his new Jeep!
10. An easy Sunday filled with a wonderful sermon at church, shopping with my mom, and a toddler that ate all his meals! (Serious…it makes me so happy when we don’t have to play games to get him to eat!)

What brought YOU joy this past week?
XO, Kelly