Happy New Year!

The new year is just hours away and I’m super pumped for the clean slate feeling January 1st gives me each year!  Today we celebrate just how far God has brought us and anticipate just how far he’s yet to take us.  So I thought I’d share with you a little of both. Here are my, sort of, resolutions…

What I’m Celebrating:
We bought our very first home!
Mr. G is almost fully potty trained (better go knock on some wood!)
Three beautiful weddings
Finding my niche in the handmade world with Hoopsy Daisy
Another great year of inspiration and DIY fun
Finding a new church that we love
One full year of “Ten Little Things”
Mr. G starting Preschool and it is the best possible place I can imagine him being at this stage in his development
Insanely giving and loving family
Another year of quitting smoking – today is 5 years!

What I’m Anticipating:
A whole new approach to this blogging life (stay tuned!)
Less comparing
Quarterly releases for the shop
Focusing more on the present with Mr. G
Settling into a new church home
More time spent in His Word
Healthier choices for my mind, body, and spirit
Keeping up with Project Life (post to come about how I’m catching up from this entire year!)
God leading me in the direction He wants me to go and saying YES!

So how about you?  What are you celebrating and anticipating?

Happy New Year!
XO, Kelly


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