DIY // Sharpie Santa Plate

This year has been a blast getting Mr. G involved in the Christmas excitement.  At school he had birthday cake for Jesus and we just had our first successful Santa visit.  We’re having fun celebrating both the reason for the season, Jesus’ birth, and the magical Santa side as well.  We have an elf that hops around the house, a countdown calendar that is Mr. G’s job to change, and he even has his very own tree.

We’ve also read books about Santa in preparation for his visit at the mall, so now Mr. G has learned that Santa needs cookies and milk.  Of course that means I need a special plate!  DIY to the rescue!  All I did was use one of the many Sharpie mug tutorials and applied it to a plate.  What was so fun about this was the ample amount of space to decorate!

What You’ll Need: Plate, Sharpies, Oven

After decorating the plate, place it in the oven and then set the temperature to 425.  After it’s preheated, set your timer for 40 minutes.  Once time is up, turn off the oven and allow the plate to cool inside the oven (about 1-2 hours).

Unfortunately the colored Sharpies didn’t retain their brightness but I still love the way it turned out!

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