DIY Christmas Card Tree

Tis the season for cards, cards, and more cards!  There are photo cards, funny cards,
shiny/ glittery cards, photos galore, etc.  But where to put them all?  I love displaying all of the cards we get through the
holiday season.  They just make me
happy to look at but propping them up along the mantel or selves can make
things look a bit cluttered and messy.  I’m so happy to share this project with you today!  I created this fun display piece for Southern Holiday Life Magazine so if you’re in the Southeast, you may find this publication in a shop near you!

What You’ll Need: Five Wood Planks (varying sizes), Drill
and Screws, Paint and Sponges, Wooden Clothespins, Decorative Tape, Glue

Arrange four of your planks along the length of the
longest one and screw them in place.
Using a sponge, paint the four horizontal planks.  I used three different hues to add some
tree-like color and texture.
Cover the clothespins with the decorative tape.  Then, once the paint has dried on the planks, glue the clothespins on. 
Set it up and it’s ready for display!

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