Last week I did something crazy.  I did something I never thought I could do unless I never left the house.  I went an entire week without wearing a stitch of makeup.  No consealer, no tinted moisturizer, nothing.  I went an entire week with only plain ole SPF face moisturizer and lip balm.  A whole week with my face in it’s birthday suit if you will.

I started it on a whim when I ran out of time last Monday morning and had to leave the house without makeup on.  I remembered an article I had read where a woman had done a week without makeup and I thought, “That sounds like a really hard thing to do…let’s try it!”  So, the week was chosen at random and I didn’t really have anything super important going on, no real plans.  I thought this was going to be pretty easy.  Not so.  Here’s how it went down complete with photographic, no filtered, unprocessed evidence.

Not feeling super confident but not that bad.  Just like any challenge you try, new habit you start, day one can be one of your most determined, self disciplined days.  I went to work where I teach dance so it’s not that uncommon for me not to wear that much makeup.  I forgot to put in my contacts and hiding behind my glasses made me feel better. And as you can see from my main photo, I stayed in them for most of the week.

Still, not the most comfortable but not that bad either.  I wasn’t going to work so I could dress a bit nicer and I re-straightened my hair.  I did have a play date to go to with friends I hadn’t seen since the beginning of the year but we’re all moms so we don’t judge.

Yeah…this day was harder.  Dance clothes, no hair or glasses to hide behind.  Plus, this was the day Mr. G ended up going to after hours care from coughing so much.  I was all stressed and I could just feel the pimples forming from it all.  But I got through it.  When I looked at myself in the mirror at work, giant wall to wall mirrors guys, it wasn’t as bad as I felt it was.  So there’s that…
Then I realized that Mr. G had a birthday party to go to on Saturday.  People I don’t know, a new setting, a prime “put-on-your-best-face” situation.  Greeeeeeaaaat. I considered backing out at this point.  But then again, these are people I. don’t. know.  Not that they matter any less, but when will I see them again right?

Getting better here.  Yeah I was breaking out a bit from stress but I started feeling more “eh…” about it.  I looked in the mirror and told myself that it is what it is and I’m not the only one who breaks out.  I’m not ugly because of it, it’s life.  Then, in the afternoon Hubs texted me that we were going to dinner with his parents and some of their friends on Sunday.  I think I started convulsing.  Why….why did I pick this week?!  Maybe I’ll quit now.  Saturday and Sunday I NEEED to wear makeup!! But no, I was on day 4, more than half way through, and maybe I’ll feel better on those days.  I’ll curl my hair or something.

Ah….Friday, sweet Friday!  I don’t do anything but stay home with Gavin on Fridays.  We stayed home all day, went to Walmart that evening.  This was a very easy day.  I actually felt like this weekend was gonna be no problem, I was going to do this if it killed me.

This is the morning I came 2 seconds from quitting.  I forgot to take a picture for day 5.  This was my out!  “Oh well I forgot, I’ll do it again another week.  I NEEED to wear makeup today and tomorrow.  I forgot, this isn’t quitting, I forgot so it doesn’t count anymore!”  After all that nonsense, I realized I was making excuses.  So I snapped the pic you saw for day 5 right after waking up because, let’s be honest, I didn’t look any different that morning than I did the day before.
I curled my hair, did NOT put on makeup, and went to the party with Mr. G after work. And then a shocking thing happened.  I realized that no one cares what I look like!  I mean, I KNOW the party was, of course, not about me, but I realized my feeling that I need to impress people with my appearance is just plain incorrect.

Sunday!  Day 7 and I did it!  Hair still curled from the the day before, spruced up with some dry shampoo, and my glasses.  I dressed nice and it wasn’t all that bad.  Yes, I still felt insecure at the dinner being with people who are used to seeing me with makeup but no one said anything.  I never even got the oh-so-wonderful “you look tired” comment.

So there it is, my week without makeup.  Did I enjoy my experience, not really.  Would I do it again?  UH NO.  Did I happily slap on foundation as soon as Monday rolled around again?  You betcha!
But did I learn a whole heck of a lot? Yes ma’am, I did!  I learned that I don’t need makeup like I think I do.  Half the time, people really don’t notice.  I have other qualities (and I’m not talking about my hair and glasses) that are more important.

I didn’t tell my husband about this until Sunday.  I knew what he would say if I had told him on Monday.  He would tell me he loves me just the way I am, that I don’t need makeup, I’m beautiful without it to him. And yes, this should be enough but since when does anyone, male or female, listen to their spouse/significant other the first time around?  I needed to do this for my own crazy mind.  I look at myself a little more forgivingly now.  I did tell a couple of friends so that I would feel accountable to go through with it, kind of like a diet.  You feel more inclined to stick with something if you tell people you’re doing it.

Most importantly I actually realized that the cliche “it’s ok not to be (or look) perfect” is true.  I embraced it rather than stress about it or blow it off.  Call me cliche then, if you must, but I am perfectly imperfect and that’s pretty awesome.