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Have you ever checked out this hashtag?  If you haven’t, I highly advise you to do so.  I recently posted a short Insta-video with this hashtag and, while I may be a little biased, it’s absolutely adorable/the funniest thing ever.  Check it out…

A video posted by Kelly – The Little Things (@thelilthingsblog) on Nov 11, 2014 at 6:41pm PST
Yeah, after that my mother was on the internet for the better part of an entire day looking for a tuba for Mr. G.  Not only her, but there were many comments stating that I needed to “buy that kid a tuba!”.  I must also mention that this was a snippet from the THIRD video I took.  The first two were full of him sobbing so hard about this tuba that you can barely understand him and I’m laughing in the background.
Does this make me a bad mom?  Heck no!  I think it makes me a “normal mom”. (whatever that means)
Toddlers are the most ridiculous beings on the planet.  They are adorable, messy, silly, and just plain ridiculous.  They react in the moment and only in the moment.  For this particular one, Mr. G had just watched an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse where Goofy got a tuba from his Grandpappy.  Therefore, in this particular moment, a tuba was and he needed one.  There was pretty much no build up to the dire need either.  He went from zero to hysterical in .2 seconds.

random tantrum in the middle of the mall circa 2013

That’s the way it goes in toddlerhood.  One minute you’re watching a good episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and the next, the world is ending because your mommy won’t buy you a new (insanely expensive/ridiculously outrageous) new instrument.  If you check out the hashtag on Instagram, you’ll see other priceless moments in toddler tantrum-ville.  Some of my favorites are:
“because I just opened her string cheese”
“I tried to surprise him with colored bathwater.”
“I put a pillowcase on my pillow.”
“I’m making salted caramel Rice Krispie Treats instead of popcorn.”
“I made him bear toast with Nutella.”
“I offered her a cookie.”
“She wants salad. Please note there’s salad on her plate.”
“Her sister drew and ‘I heart (insert child’s name)’ sign.”
The popsicle we were sharing was gone. 
There are hundreds and as a mother, they are all hysterical in their own way because we’ve all been there.  So hang in there mamas!  The tantrum will be over soon or at least there’s (insert your favorite thing ever) out there for ya!

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