DIY // Rhinestone Heart Phone Case

It’s that time again!  Time for a new DIY phone case!  This time I took it back to my “rhinestone roots”.  As a competitive dancer from the age of 6, rhinestones have a special place in my heart.  Sparkle everywhere on all the costumes!  I distinctly remember one of my small group costumes had 3 gross of rhinestones on it.  Just one costume…432 rhinestones.  Then it just became “stone” everything I own that goes to competition.  Jackets, sweatpants, Caboodles (yes Caboodles!), etc.  Needless to say, I grew up with a fond love of sparkle, and E6000.

What You’ll Need: Clear Phone Case, Rhinestones, E6000*, Patterned Scrapbook Paper
(what you’ll need that you may already have: plain piece of paper, paper plate or magazine, toothpick)

Trace out your phone case on a plain piece of paper and cut it out.  Don’t worry about the camera hole, you won’t need it.  Draw a heart in the center of the paper then slide it into the case.

Using the sketch as a guide, fill it in by gluing the rhinestones to the outside of the case.

*Tips for using E6000:

You won’t need a lot so put some on a paper plate or magazine rather than straight from the tube.  The tube typically leaks the glue out so this will prevent mess.

Also, be sure not to use a styrofoam plate. E6000 is an industrial strength adhesive and will eat right through it.

Use a toothpick when applying the glue.  Dip it in the glue, touch to the back of the rhinestone, and apply the stone with the toothpick to the case.

Let the glue dry then replace the heart paper with a piece of scrapbook paper.  This time with the camera hole cut out.  You can see how to do that with THIS tutorial.

Happy SPARKLY Hump Day!

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