Saw It, Pinned It, Tried It // Bleach Pen Shirt

I have been wanting to do this project since I first pinned it, which feels like 10 years ago.  I don’t know why I never tried it, never got around to doing it, but I finally did and I LOVE the result.  I will say that the shirt in this post was actually my second attempt since my first one was done on a sweatshirt.  Let it be known now, that doesn’t work.  The material is too thick and let’s just say I was very disappointed.  HOWEVER, it’s the perfect project for any regular T-shirt!

Mr. G has a pajama day coming up at preschool for Halloween.  Now I could go out and buy a fun new set of jammies for him but I’m not really into themed apparel for him anymore.  For his first year of life, I was all about it, it was all new!  But now, I’d just rather send him in PJs that are in the right color scheme and call it a day.  That’s when I thought this would be the perfect project!  He already had black and gray striped pajama bottoms from another set so all I needed was a back T-shirt and a stencil!

What You’ll Need: Freezer Paper/Pan Liner Paper, Exacto Knife, Image Printout, Plain T-Shirt, Bleach Pen (the two sided one is awesome)

Print out the image you’d like to put on the shirt and lay it on top of the freezer paper.  Using the Exacto knife, cut out the silhouette.  Be sure to press hard enough to go through both pieces of paper.

*See those white streaks from the bristles?  Don’t worry, they go away when the shirt gets rinsed.

Place a hard surface on the inside of the shirt and then the stencil on top.  Now fill in the stencil with the bleach.  If you are using a double sided one like mine, fill in the stencil with the brush tip*.  With the fine tip end you can fix any leaking that may have occurred out of the stencil.  It’s also great for adding a handwritten touch.  This is why the duel tip pen is awesome!

Now let it sit then rinse.  I let mine sit over night since, when I did it, I had to leave for work.  Then I came home and the DIY had to wait.  But I think as long as you wait at least an hour after bleaching you’re good.  For rinsing, I just put it in the washer on the rinse and spin cycle then tossed it in the dryer.

Voila! Halloween jammies!

And I think it’s really cool that the shirt bleached out in a sort of orangey-white.  Happy DIY surprises!


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