Mommyhood // What’s in my bag…for my toddler

These days I realize that the only reason I have a large bag is to carry any and all things my child needs.  At first, in the newborn/infant days, the bag was filled with serious necessities, emergency this and backup that.  Now it’s filled with things to avoid major meltdowns, from both the toddler and mommy.
Multiple Diapers //  You just never know….YOU. NEVER. KNOW.
GIANT Package of Wipes // They work for all incidents and on all surfaces.  Also, see above.
Snacks // Plural.  I know my child loves Goldfish so why pack anything else, right? WRONG. On any given day Mr. Toddlerpants may change his mind and refuse Goldfish, even if he totally loves them.  Or, he could switch it up and go on an eating rampage.  Then I have a toddler continuously telling me (getting louder and louder every time), in the middle of a store, that he is hungry which makes me the ill prepared mother that is apparently starving her child.
Antibac // All the time.  Every Time. Any time.  Not today ebola! NOT TODAY!

Bribery // Lately Mr. G has become obsessed with getting “prizes”.  You never know when you’re going to need one of these bad boys.  This one really came in handy at a recent wedding.  Once I realized I still had one, he was quiet and happy for the rest of the ceremony!

My Phone // Other than for the obvious reasons, I must have my phone.  I must capture every single adorable thing he does (which of course, to me, is everything he does) on that little camera…and then post it on Instagram!

Small Toy // You just never know when you may have to do a little waiting.  Having this little gem at your disposable will not only make you the best mom ever, you also become a magician! *gasp* “Look what mommy just found!”

Quarters // Those darn riding toys sneak up on you like ninjas in the night!  For some reason, when ever I have to go to Walmart with Mr. G, it’s ALWAYS the one that this riding submarine.  It is the only one near us with one of them.  I also never fail to forget to go in the other entrance.  So a ride on the submarine happens just about every time.  We don’t do it often, it’s 50 cents, I’m happy to make him happy.

My Wallet? // Yeah it’s in there too…because, you know, money and stuff.

What are your must have items when you’re out with your little one?

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