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Sometimes I sit back and think about how great it will be when my child (or children, who knows) will be able to have chores.  When they can take out the trash, scrub a toilet here or there, etc.  But, of course I don’t think about it too long, I have a beautiful, happy toddler who still needs me and that will be gone all too soon.  Plus that also comes with budgeting in an allowance and I just don’t want to think about that either.

However, there are things I feel like Mr. G can help me with and I can even teach him valuable lessons about helping around the house and earning something. At some point I’d like to think he’ll be using things like Bissell vacuums to give me a hand around the place. Earning and saving money is a pretty advanced concept when you think about it in adult terms but it can still be relevant, in my opinion, on a toddler level.

All I do is tell him that if he helps mommy do this chore or that one, he can earn a quarter for his bank, or “money counter” as he calls it.  There aren’t many chores he can help with at the moment but he can help me empty and load the dishwasher which happens so often that I could go broke if I asked him to help me every time!  So this is our main “chore” right now, and I ask him to help me every now and then.  I make sure to take all of the sharp things out first and then let him go to town.  I have to be very fast because, well, plates and glasses are breakable, but I just stack them and put them in the cabinet once he’s pulled everything out.  (Side note: I don’t consider cleaning up toys or messes a chore.  That’s something he should just be doing anyway.)

He can even put a few things where they belong in the cabinets that are low.  I love that this helps to teach him to earn something and, even if he may not fully understand, how to save up for something he wants.  We’re currently saving up for a monster truck and we’re getting pretty close! (It also helps that a couple of other family members may have given him a dollar here or there!) And yes, his “money counter” is an old Nesquik container.

What do you think about toddler chores?  What do your littles help you do around the house?  I think we’re going to add laundry and sweeping to the list next!

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