DIY // Fishbowl Art

A couple of weeks ago my little family and I went to IKEA and of course I wanted to put about 500 things in the cart.  How can you not?!

We’re still finishing up decorating our house so there’s a lot of potential and so many ideas swarming around in my head.  One of the areas I’m currently working on is a fun little corner for Mr. G in our basement.  His stuff has started to spill out of the play room area so I needed an extra place to organize the chaos.

We started with the table.

Seriously the best $20 I’ve spent at IKEA in a LONG time!  Now it’s on to the “fixin’s” so to (southern) speak.  There has to be some art and when I found this adorable print I thought,”Hey!  I could make that!”
So I did my own, very simplified, version.

What You’ll Need: Shadow Box, Printouts (on Cardstock), Colored Pencils/Crayons/Markers, Twine

Print out the FISHBOWL and FISHIES, hand drawn by yours truly, on card stock.  Color in as many (or few) fish as you’d like to be in your bowl.  I had a fairly small shadowbox so I went with one little fishy.  This would also be adorable if your little ones colored in the fish.  Mr. G has a very short coloring attention span right now so I went ahead and did it for him.

Glue your fish, singular or plural, to the twine.  Be sure the length of twine is long enough so that the fishy will hang inside the bowl when it’s all put together.  Then glue the twine to the inside of the shadow box.  Close it up and display!

I asked Mr. G what he wanted to name his fish and he gave him the very distinguished name of Fishy.


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