33 things I’ve Learned About Myself as a Mother

The past 33 months I’ve learned a lot about myself.  Why 33 months?  That’s about how old Mr. G is.  It’s amazing how much one can change and grow in such a short period of time.  I can’t really say if I’m the kind of mom I always thought I’d be but here are 33 things I’ve learned about myself as a mother, in just 33 short months:

1. I can handle a lot of gross things.
2. I have a very high tolerance for poop.
3. To find out what something is, I’m apparently not afraid to smell it.
4. I will sniff a butt in public.
5. I can go an inordinate amount of time without remembering to shower.
6. I function well on less sleep.  (I realize this is unusual.)
7. I have no problem disciplining/taking away privileges from my child when he misbehaves.
8. I instinctively reach to catch vomit.
9. When my child is hurt, I stop everything I am doing and RUN to make it better.
10. I’m not as much of a mama bear as I thought I’d be when it comes to Mr. G playing with other kids.  However, if you hit/push/shove my son, prepare for the wrath.

11. I am not immune to cuteness.  Sometimes our time outs become pointless.
12. I will do anything for a kiss from my boy.
13. As much as I love him, sometimes I long for the times when he’s asleep.
14. I actually enjoy being outside.
15. I’m not as jumpy to call the doctor as I thought I’d be.  I usually let “cold-esque” symptoms ride out a day or two before calling.
16. However, when he is sick, need to go to the doctor sick, I get really stressed out.
17. I really like Curious George, Bubble Guppies, and Team Umi Zoomi
18. When Mr. G hits a milestone, I cry.
19. When he starts something new, i.e. preschool, I cry.

20. I’m a crying mom….just everything new and precious, I cry.
21. I still don’t like to get messy.  This is a hard one seeing as I have a boy, but I’m getting better.
22. From time to time, I don’t have as much patience as I thought I would.

23. I love watching him explore.  I don’t even have to be included. I just love to watch him.
24. I never knew that I could feel such amazing love and “OMG if you don’t stop right now I’m gonna freak out” anger at the same time.
25. I’m actually ok spending time away from my son.  Like a weekend away, I’m totally fine yet very happy to come back to my buddy.
26. I don’t always cry when he cries.  Whether he’s hurt or sad, my heart always breaks but I don’t cry.  Obviously this is contrary to 18-20.
27. I’m a bit of a “mommy hoarder”.  I have a very hard time getting rid of his things/clothes.  This tends to aggravate my allergy to clutter.
28. I take pictures of EVERYTHING.  Everything, anywhere, all the time, every time.
29. I will bribe my child to get him to cooperate.  Hey, sometimes you just have to!

30. I don’t mind getting in the water as much as I use to just because I know how much Mr. G loves it.  I enjoy going to the pool now!  What?!
31. I don’t want as many children as I thought.  This does not mean that Mr. G is an awful terror child, I just know how difficult it is now.  At one point I thought I wanted 4…um no.
32. I don’t know how to carry on regular conversations with people without mentioning Mr. G at least 100 times.  In every conversation I have now, even with people who don’t have children, somehow my son will get mentioned.  Can’t help it!

33. I live for play dates! You never know how much you can crave adult interaction until it is no longer your norm.

This motherhood thing is a crazy, beautiful, amazing, scary ride but I can’t imagine my life any other way or without my little man in it!


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