10 Things That Are (Exponentially) Harder With A Toddler

1. Going to the Bathroom
Not only does the door need to be open when you’re taking a trip to the potty, you must check up on them every 2 seconds.  Beware any period of silence! That is, of course, unless they are in the bathroom with you.  Then it’s a battle to keep toiletries and bathroom tools from ending up in places they shouldn’t be.

2. Getting Ready
This poses the same problem as going to the bathroom.  And I’m not even talking about taking a shower.  For me, those are luxuries reserved for nap time and bedtime.  I’m talking about simply brushing your teeth, hair, putting on any makeup whatsoever.  It’s all a (very fast) process.  I try my best to keep Mr. G contained in our bed, something that is fun for him since he’s not allowed to sleep in our bed, turn on some Curious George, and pray that I can do everything I need to in 5 minutes or less.

Getting out of the house can be a battle in itself.  This is especially hard if we need to be somewhere super early which results in running out the door right after waking up.  “I don’t wanna go to _____” “I wanna go downtairs an pay!” (I want to go downstairs and play).  Leaving the house, depending on the day, can and will be met with much whining and pouty faces

4. Shopping
Whether we don’t want to sit in the cart or we want every single thing on every single shelf, shopping calls for a whole new level of patience.

5. Taking Pictures
Toddlers are ninja fast.  I ALWAYS have my camera in continuous shot mode and the new “photo burst” feature on the iPhone is pretty awesome too!  But other than sheer speed, my child hates to have his picture taken.  Most photo ops these days are met with much bribery and a smile at the camera is not a guarantee.

6. Kissing Your Spouse
Now I’m not talking about knock down, drag out displays of affection.  I’m talking about a welcome home kiss that lasts a little longer than a peck.  He’s my husband, I love him, and I’m happy he’s home.  he deserves affection longer than a peck, but not in front of the toddler!  Why?  Toddlers imitate EVERYTHING we do.  This action in particular can be very embarrassing when it is imitated in public. I know from experience.

7. Decluttering
Good luck getting rid of ANY toys, even if they haven’t look at or touched them in months.  Best to do this when they’re asleep.

8. Any Meal Time
Picky eater doesn’t not begin to describe a toddler.  I’m not just talking about different types of food, it’s also when they want to eat.  One of my favorite things I’ve seen on this topic is the “Toddler Food Pyramid”.


Pretty accurate.  Luckily, this is totally normal but that’s still not going to save your sanity.
And here’s what ours looks like…


9. Reading/Watching Your Favorite Show/Any Favorite Leisure Activity
I LOVE to watch Jeopardy.  I nerd out to that show.  It’s the ONLY show I watch, otherwise my days are filled with PBS Kids and Disney Jr. filled white noise.  Mr. G doesn’t zone out to TV all day long, it’s just on in the background while we play but heaven forbid I change it to “mommy’s show”. Which, by the way, I only get to watch three times a week since I teach at night.  I have to convince him that it will go back once the show is over.
There’s also the inevitable “Whatcha doin’, mommy?” “Why?” “Come pay wiff me, mommy”.  The latter I really can’t refuse.

10. Staying Mad
When all is said and done, you just can’t stay mad or frustrated at them for very long.  Whether your heart breaks for them when they’re truly upset that you’re mad at them or they start making silly faces at you to get your attention (even in time out), they are just the most lovable little things ever.  They’re full of personality and, at this age, they are exploring it to the fullest!


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