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Tot Activity // Polka Dot Soup

Until a few weeks ago, I had never heard of this activity.  Our weekly play date buddy happened to be playing with it and introduced us to Polka Dot Soup.  It’s a great sensory activity and costs next to nothing for all the materials.

What You’ll Need: Large Baking Pan, Ice Cube Tray, Bingo Chips/Markers, Cups for Scooping, Water

All of these, except the bingo chips, were found at the dollar store.  But you can usually find the bingo chips in any game section or online.

Fill up your baking tin with water and dump in as many bingo chips as you want.  Then let your little one go to town scooping out the “soup” from the pan to the tray. Mr. G loves playing with it and is always asking for it.  He even knows where I keep the materials so sometimes he’ll just go get it himself!

Inevitably, they’ll stop scooping and just play with the water. It’s only natural.  This is why we play with it outside in just a diaper or bathing suit plus a lot of sunscreen and monster boots!

One other difficulty of the activity is keeping Mr. G from drinking all the water.  I guess he figures that,”Hey…you called it soup!  I’m eating soup!”

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