Ten Little Things #40

1. Slowly but surely Mr. G is being a better listener at his gymnastics class!  

2. Same thing can be said for preschool!  He definitely has on and off days but I’m so proud of him for learning day by day.
3. My new devotional time on Tuesdays and Thursday spent in the coffee scented air of Starbucks.  ALL. BY. MY. SELF! 
4. Playtime with a new friend.
5. Exploring with Mr. G in the park.
6. Great parent meet and greet after dropping Mr. G off for preschool.  Such a great, funny, sweet group of women!
7. Toilet cat…I laugh every time I look at THIS picture.
8. Sweet kisses and carousel rides with our favorite people.
10. A second Sunday spent at our old church and seeing even more wonderful friends.
BONUS #11 – I finished 100 happy days!  Check out my personalized hashtag on Instagram, #tlt100happydays, to see some of my happy moments.
What brought YOU joy this past week?

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