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Being a mom is the most rewarding, spectacular, amazing, [insert all of the wonderful adjectives here], thing I have ever experienced.  It is also the exact opposite of all those things.  It can be scary, heart wrenching, DIFFICULT, exhausting, etc.  Little ones don’t have an instruction manual when they pop out.

But let’s just think about that for a minute, that would be awesome!

Anyway, what we do have is each other.  Fellow moms who can impart all kinds of wisdom from varying experiences.  Fortunately for us, in this day and age, we have all of this advice at our finger tips!  Here are a few of my favorite finds from around the web that tackle everything from love to depression to care and more.  Some even have a bit of humor thrown in but no matter the case, know that YOU are doing awesome mom! Yes YOU!

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I Didn’t Cherish Every Moment…And That’s Okay
11 Baby Care Tips New Moms Can really Use

I hope this brought some joy to your day, maybe helped a mom out there not feel alone.  I hope this gave you a smile, if just for this minute you found to read it.  Happy Friday!

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