Mommyhood // (Pre) School Days

Where rounding out our fourth week of preschool for Mr. G and I still can’t believe my baby is in school.  Every time I drop him off I still can’t believe that a.)  I’m leaving my baby somewhere with people who aren’t family and b.) I have roughly 4 hours to myself.  It’s an odd mix of emotions.

Now that I know his teachers a little more, I definitely don’t feel the former so much, but it is just so weird not to have him in the car as I go to Starbucks down the street or get out of my car to do errands without taking 5 minutes or just head home to clean uninterrupted.  It’s refreshing and weird all at the same time.
I love everything about the whole process though, from packing his lunch to his folder of artwork each Thursday, even the phone call from his teacher so we could discuss how to work on Mr. G’s listening skills.  Now I’m not gonna lie, at first, that last thing made me sick to my stomach in anticipation but after the first few minutes I calmed down and had a great conversation with her.
I love dropping him off and so does Mr. G.  He gets to be unstrapped from his seat and go for a crazy ride completely unrestricted.  Seriously, I think it’s like a roller coaster ride for him!  We talk about putting on our listening ears for his teachers and walking feet and how much fun he’s going to have.  When it’s his turn to get out, he’s more than ready to go.  He hops right out, gives me a “Bye Mommy!” and off he goes.  No hesitation, not even on the first day, and so eager.
I love picking him up after (4 hours FLIES by oh so fast) and seeing him walk out with his teacher, giant backpack bouncing on his back.  His teacher opens the car door and I get a big “Hi mommy!”  whether or not he’s had a good day or a “not so great listening” day.  There is always a huge smile on his face because he has fun learning at school and he’s genuinely happy to see me.  I melt every time!
I can’t wait to share more of our preschool adventures, as I’m sure there will be plenty!

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