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Easy Eats // Frozen Chocolate Bananas

Mr. G loves sweets but I’m not really big on giving him tons of cookies or ice cream.  Don’t get me wrong, they’re great for a treat every once and a while and I have my share too.  But for an everyday after dinner kind of thing, I like to stick to something small like fruit snacks or a juice pop.   So I’m always looking for healthy treat options.  I came across some chocolate covered bananas in the freezer aisle and decided I’d try to make some myself.

What You’ll Need: Bananas, Craft Sticks, Chocolate Magic Shell, Paper Plate, Non Stick Pan Liner

Place some non stick pan liner on your plate (you could also use a baking pan) and the bananas, peeled, on the liner.  Cut each one in half and place a craft stick in each end.  I’m used jumbo craft sticks, since that’s what I had for my yogurt pops, but I really think that the regular size would work best for the bananas.  However, if you are using larger ones like me, just be careful putting them in the bananas since they will start to break the banana if you’re not.

Line up the bananas and stick them in the freezer until frozen.  This will take at least a couple hours.
Once they’re done, pour magic shell over them until covered.  This is the best part because it hardens instantly and they’re ready to eat!  Not ready to eat them right away?  Stick them back in the freezer.

Definitely toddler approved but Mr. G mainly just eats the chocolate.  I may be back to the drawing board on a healthy treat for him but I’ll be making these for myself anyway, delicious!  Oh!  And there’s always extra chocolate when you’re done!

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