DIY // Sticker Word Art

I love art that is easy to make.  Something that really stands out without having to pull your hair out trying to make it.  Today’s DIY started when I was walking down the scrapbooking aisles and stumbled upon these ridiculously cute letters.  I HAD to use them for something!  And so I made this little ditty.

What You’ll Need: Large Letter Stickers, Frame

Find the letters you need and cut them out.  Place them on a piece of paper or cardstock, all ready cut to fit your frame, and place the letters how you’d like them to appear.  I ended up using the back board of this frame for my “paper”.  Anything can work!

Draw two lines across the paper with a ruler or straight edge.  Now stick your letters on and close your frame.

I thought the kitchen would be the perfect place for this one.  It’s definitely where our family gathers TOGETHER!

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