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DIY // School Artwork Binder

Keep all your child's artwork in one place!

I had a hard time finding the right title for this post.  Honestly it should read,”My son is my most precious little baby and I can’t believe he is in preschool and all of the little tiny pieces of artwork he does must be saved and treasured and I will never ever get rid of them!  EVER!”  But I wanted you to actually read this post, so I went with a DIY.

But in all honesty, these first little art projects are so precious and special that I really do want to keep them to look through, not only at the end of the year but when he graduates from high school and even when has kids of his own.  What he does with them after that is his deal but for now, these are my memories and I love love love looking at them!  I could have scanned them in and made them into little cards for my Project Life (which has sadly been neglected for months but that’s for another day) like I did HERE.  But I wanted to do something different for all of these piece from his school days.
What You’ll Need: Binder with Clear Cover, Sheet Protectors, Cover Page Printable
Basically all I do is take each piece and place it in a protector as I get them in his weekly folder.  If it’s too big for the sheet protector, it gets a three hole punch and goes directly in the binder.  This also helps to eliminate any clutter that could occur from placing them in a box or forgotten in the file cabinet.  

And no binder is complete without a great cover!  I was like this in school too, my favorite part of getting a new binder was creating my cover.  The possibilities were endless!
I’ve come up with 4 fun designs for you to choose from and they’re all customizable.  Once you’ve opened them in a photo editing software, just follow the layers and fill in the blanks.  To select your design, find the layers labeled with the design names and click on the little eyeball to make the one you want visible.  Be sure to also click the eyeball or delete the layer for the other ones so that they won’t appear on your final print.
To add your picture, upload it as a layer and place it under all layers, including the background.  From there, you can resize and place whatever part of the photo you’d like in the frame.

This is probably my favorite page of his about me book.  It’s so Gavin!

I’m looking forward to filling this up as the year goes on!

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