DIY // Fade Out Letter Shirt

As I’m sure many of you are, I’m loving the graphic tee trend.  It’s definitely something I feel comfortable adding into my wardrobe without going to far out of my own personal style.  Also staying true to my style, I have to make a few!  I assume this first DIY will come as no surprise.  It blends my love of being cozy [enter my ultra comfy but too plain American Apparel sweatshirt] and my undying affection for coffee [enter the phrase “NEED COFFEE”].

What You’ll Need: Tee or Sweatshirt, Printed Phrase, Exacto Knife, Sponge or Sponge Brush, Fabric Paint*

I created my lettering just using Power Point.  Just enter your text into a text box and play around with the font and size until you get your desired look.  I like to use bolder fonts when stenciling just because they are easier to cut out.

Once printed, use the Exacto knife to cut out the letters.  For letters with holes in the middle (i.e.  the “D” and “O”) you can either completely cut them out for a blocked letter look or cut a tiny sliver into the letter to make a link to the center.  This will result in a little blank line when you go to paint but it can be filled in.

Place your stencil on your shirt making sure you have a hard surface inside it to prevent paint bleed.  Now sponge the paint onto the stencil.  As you work your way down the letters, use less paint to create the fade out effect.

Have a little paint bleed out of the stencil?  No problem!  Just wet a Q-tip with water and gentle rub it out.  Let your paint dry and wait about 72 hours before washing it.  However, don’t hesitate to wear it!

*If you like the look of the raised lettering on my shirt, purchase “velveteen” fabric paint.  It requires you to steam set the paint after it dries and that reveals the texture.

Now all I need is this Georgia weather to catch up with my fall state of mind!

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