Saw It, Pinned It, Tried It // Cactus (Rock) Garden

Browsing Pinterest, shocking I know, I scrolled onto these adorable little cacti.  It was labeled “Kids Crafts” but I didn’t really care.  I HAD to make them!  As I shared earlier this week, I can’t keep real plants in the house.  I just can’t.  I kill them, I don’t know why, I just can’t keep anything green or floral alive.  Also, the cat eats them…but it’s mainly my fault.  These are the perfect addition to my little faux succulent/cacti garden.  Enjoy!

What You’ll Need: Small Rocks, Paint, Planter, Dirt

Paint, decorate, display…that’s all!  And I thought my new planter from Wednesday’s DIY was a perfect new home for these new babies.

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