Mommyhood // Am I THAT Mom?

This morning was the open house for Mr. G’s preschool.  I was so excited last night, I had a hard time falling asleep, could have also been the extra cup of coffee I had at 5:00 before work but that’s beside the point.  I’m just so pumped about this milestone for my little man!  I can’t help it!

When we went on the the tour before we were even registered, I was excited.  When I got the letter for the open house, I was excited.  When I got the letter from his teachers…you see where I going with this right?  In the letter was an introduction to both his teacher and assistant teacher, some tips on packing lunches, carpool and classroom info, and a classroom wish list.  Maybe it’s the fact that I’m the daughter of a teacher, maybe it’s because I’m so thrilled about the whole preschool experience, but whatever the reason, I HAD to buy everything on the list.

B2S emergency kit printable found HERE.

On top of that, I HAD to get them a gift.  Nothing huge, just a little something fun.  I’ve been seeing all of these little back to school gift ideas and it was definitely on my to do list.

I planned to bring it all to them at this open house since I knew we would be meeting them and I wasn’t sure how that first day of carpool was going to work.  I wanted to make sure they got all of it.  So I brought it with me and as I looked around, I’m was the only parent with a giant bag of stuff that I could see.  Add on the fact that I totally put my name on the room mom list and I began to think…I’m THAT mom.  The overzealous, gotta do everything mom.  Even while putting it all together, I was thinking that I was going to appear to be a suck up, an overachiever, whatever you want to call it.

But then I got to thinking some more and I thought, “So what?”  I’m excited for my child and this milestone he’s about to experience.  I want his teachers to have all the tools they need.  I know from my mother’s experience that teacher shell out A LOT of their own dough for their classroom, including supplies.  If I can help and take care of my child’s portion, make it a little easier on them, I will.  And as far as the gift goes, I didn’t make it a huge thing.  I just let them know it was in there, that we thought of them too.  I love to make people things. I like to give gifts when I can.

You’re the “BALM” printable found HERE.

So if I’m THAT mom, so be it.  I like being her.  It brings me joy to do these things and I’m gonna keep on keepin’ on.  I’ve read all the paperwork in his folder already, it’s not even nap time, and I’m planning different things I can do for each holiday party and what I’m sending in for Mr. G’s birthday!  There aren’t any food allergies in his class so the options are pretty much endless!


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