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Fancy Clipboard Makeover // The Little Things Blog

“I’m so fancy!  You already know!”  This song is contasantly in my head.  It’s not like a listen to it on repeat but it’s just so darn catchy!  It’s also on a bazillion different items as you browse Etsy so it’s hard not to start signing it yourself.  From tshirts to mugs to phones cases and now to clipboards!

What You’ll Need: Plain Clipboard, Vinyl Lettering, Paint, Gold Tape, Exacto Knife

The first thing I did was place my vinyl letters on.  I have a cousin-in-law (is that even really a thing?) that has a Cricut , as well as an etsy shop, and I contacted her about getting some vinyl for a mason jar tumbler project (coming soon).  In addition to the ones I asked about, she sent me some extras in various sizes because she’s awesome!  So I chose one of them and put it on the clipboard.

To put the vinyl on, place it on the cleaned surface and rub it flat.  Then peel off the backing, pressing down any lettering that doesn’t stick.  Since a clipboard is a flat surface, getting the vinyl to stick was very easy.

Using washi tape, I made some lines in varying sizes to create a thin stripe and large block area then filled them in with the paint.  After it dried, I added some of THIS gold tape to completed the striped look.  This is the same tape from the gold striped planter DIY.  It’s really hard not to wrap myself up in it, it’s just so fancy!  Use the Exacto knife on the edges of the clipboard to cut to gold tape off.

Now to tackle my to do lists a little more fancily (but you already knew that)!

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