Mommyhood // Am I ready for more?

Yesterday was a whirlwind.  I ran errands with Mr. G much earlier than we would normally do, a dinner invite that I had no idea about until the last minute.  But in between these things, I babysat.  I think the last time I baby sat was about 6 years ago.  However, this was one of my best friends and her little girl is adorable.
She texted me last week and asked me if I wanted to see what it was like to have two kids.  I said sure! It was a day off from the studio and of course I wanted to help her out.  I was also excited about the prospect of test driving this mommy of two thing.

I knew it wouldn’t be easy, babies are not easy, but I was ready for the challenge.  Hubs and I have been toying with the idea of having another little one but nothing definite.  He grew up with a younger sister, very close in age, and I grew up with a brother much older than me.  We always knew we wanted more than one but never really new for sure until Mr. G came along.

Before I had Mr. G I was gung-ho about having 3 kids, maybe 4.  After Mr. G?  Oh no, not after that experience.  He was a wonderful baby but even the easiest babies are hard work.  Then there was the whole postpartum depression deal.  Now add in toddler? I don’t know!
When Mr. G was about 3 months old we thought I could have been pregnant again and I lost my mind.  At that time in my life, there was no room for even entertaining the idea of more than one.  Now, I’m seeing all these babies and pregnancy announcements in my Facebook feed and I keep thinking, yeah maybe I AM ready.

I’m not really sure if Mr. Tibbs could handle another little brother or sister!

Now I’ve done the test drive and I still don’t know.  I don’t think you can ever be truly ready, well unless you’re like Angelina Jolie I suppose.  Or the Duggars…

All in all, it was a good experience and my friend’s little girl is ridiculously cute and a very good baby.  Mr. G did wonderfully and was incredibly sweet with her too.  I was so proud of my little buddy!  But am I ready for my own number 2?  I have no idea.  I let you know if and/or when the good Lord chooses to give us one!

When did you know you were, or were not, ready for another wee one?

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