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As a former “indoor kid”, I’m not one for outside activities.  However, as an adult and now a mom, I’m finding myself outside A LOT more than I used to be.  And I actually like it!  This mean a lot more sunscreen, sunglasses, bug spray, and just sun in general.  Naturally I need a place to keep all these things so I made a fun tote to take with me for our outdoor adventures.

What You’ll Need: Small Tote, Paint, Letter Stencils
Prep your tote by wiping it clean, if necessary, and laying it flat.  Place something inside the tote to keep the paint from seeping through the material, especially if your tote is made of fabric.  The one I used, from the Target dollar spot, is straw but I didn’t want to take any chances with bleeding paint.
Find your letters, these are from the Walmart craft section, and start painting them in on the tote.  The easiest way to keep the letter even is to work from the middle out.  Also, to avoid smearing, work from top to bottom. If your tote is straw like mine, the lines in the weave make for great guidelines to keep the letters straight.
Time for some SUN SUN SUN for Mr. G and me!

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