DIY // Polkadot Bud Vase

I told you about my recent need for fresh flowers around me, right?  Here’s another super easy DIY vase and it’s even repurposed!  I’m saving the planet one DIY at a time folks!

What You’ll Need: Small Plastic Bottle, Spray Paint, Paper Hole Reinforcers, Gold Paint

Not gonna lie, this stuff was gross.  I mainly bought it with this project in mind, I liked the shape of the bottle, and I was optimistic about it’s contents.  Ack….anyway.

Take off the label and spray it a solid color.  After it dries, place the reinforcers in random spots around the bottle.  They can be as sporadic or uniform as you’d like. Paint the centers of the reinforcers with the gold paint and then remove.

Simple, sweet, and lovely!

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