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*This post is part of the Save vs. Splurge campaign by Credit Card Insider*
Save vs. Splurge?  I think it’s pretty obvious where I side in this debate!  Well, I guess my true answer would be neither, try to make it yourself is usually my answer, but there are certain things I just can’t make.  You know, like exact replicas of items found at Anthropologie.  I mean, I’m pretty good at crafting, but let’s be honest, I’m not that good!
You know who is?  Michael’s!  
When I saw these items at Michael’s I was ecstatic!  I love me some Anthropologie but my wallet does not.  They sell beautiful items for any home (and closet!) just not any budget.  This is where being thrifty comes in and here’s what I found!

Anthropologie: $12.00
Michael’s: $3.99

Anthropologie: $14.00
Michael’s: $4.99

Anthropologie: $18.00
Michael’s: $5.00
Let’s sweeten this deal a little more, shall we?
The spice jar and market basket were on clearance.  60% off!
And add the 40% any regular item coupon for the measuring spoons…
Grand Totals
Anthropologie: $44.00
Michael’s: $13.98 $6.58
SAVINGS OF $37.42!
To say that I’m happy with my purchases is an understatement!
There are also great Anthro-Knockoff DIYs out there.  You can check out one that I did HERE!
XO, Kelly

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