Repurpose // Embroidery Hoop Earring Holder

You may or may not remember THIS project from way back when. (Disclaimer: Please excuse the very port quality of pictures!  I was still a newbie.) It worked wonderfully in the apartment but I don’t want to clutter up our new bedroom with all of my accessories.  So I needed something for a much smaller space. I love how my new one turned out!
What You’ll Need: Lace, Embroidery Hoop, Ribbon (optional), Glue
The size of your hoop will depend on the space you have and/or how many earrings you’ll be putting on it. Mine is a 7″ hoop.
Take the ribbon, if you are choosing to do this step, and wrap it around the outer hoop.  Depending on how much you have, you can cover it completely or do more of a striped look.  It would also be a fun idea to paint it a fun, bright color.
Place the lace over the inside hoop and position it how you’d like it to look on the wall. Think of the hoop as a frame.  I really liked the big flower detail of this lace so I made sure it was indie the circle.
Place the outside hoop on top and tighten it until the fabric inside the circle is taught. 
Trim the remaining fabric and glue the ends to the inside of the hoop.
Now it’s ready for display!
XO, Kelly

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