Honeycombs are popping up left and right it seems in my Pinterest feed.  Hexagons as far as the eye can see.  I thought I’d put my two (DIY) cents into the mix with something fun and super easy!

What You’ll Need: Hexagon Paper Mache Boxes, Paint, Glue, Pronged Frame Hangers

Separate the lids from the boxes and paint the bottom panel of each.  While they’re drying, arrange them as you will want them to be glued together. When gluing them together, be sure that the bottoms are level.  You want a flat surface for it to hang on the wall.

Once they are arranged as you would like, place the pronged hangers on the back.  Use a little glue to secure them.  The hardest part of this whole project, depending on where you placed the hangers, is trying to figure out the hanging placement.  But once you do, you’ll love your finished product!

XO, Kelly

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