DIY // Giant Flower Crown

Recently, while working on our master bedroom (reveal coming very soon!), we found the perfect piece to serve as the focal point above our bed.
Meet Alfred! Our new deer pal from White Faux Taxidermy!

He was looking fancy and fine above our bed but I wanted a little more pizazz, just not necessarily something permanent. 
What You’ll Need: Faux Flowers, Wire Cutters, Felt, Ribbon, Glue

Clip all of the faux flowers off of their stems. 
Cut out a length of felt, this will serve as a base for the crown.  Take the largest flowers and thread them through by cutting slits in the felt.  Glue the flowers down at the base.  Arrange and glue any remaining and/or smaller flowers around the center ones.

Now trim any felt that is still showing around the flowers.  Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be pretty since it’s the back. Cut two pieces of ribbon long enough that they will tie together around where you are planning to put the crown.  Glue each piece to the felt on the back side of the crown and place an additional piece of felt over the ends to add strength the to finished product.
Your crown is ready for display!

XO, Kelly

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