Ten {little} Things #16

I’m FINALLY get around to this this week!  Between spring break, company, and a leaky basement….well, I’m here now!

1. Super exciting opportunity for my shop! Knock Knock Shoppe is on Brickyard Buffalo TODAY!
2. Fun times at the park.  
3. Enjoying the warmer weather.  It’s been nice that spring finally decided to stick around.
4. New fabric for new products.  
5. My Bloggy Birthday! I’m 2!
6. Meeting my mom’s visiting Korean teacher.  Three teachers came from Korea, kind of like a foreign exchange thing, and my mom is hosting one of them in her classroom. She’s super sweet and LOVED Mr. G!
7. Fro-yo! (This will always bring me joy and will always make my list!)
8. My aunt and grandfather came from Virginia for a visit.
9. Delicious Sunday dinner made by my dad and Hubs. It was our first grilling experience at the house!
What brought YOU joy this past week?
XO, Kelly

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