DIY // Repurposed Word Art

When we moved into our new house, the previous owners left A LOT of stuff.  When I say A LOT, I mean a lot.  They may have only lived here for 5 years but they’re an older couple so they have years worth of belongings.  Naturally, they were willing to leave things behind that they really didn’t need anymore.  
One of these things was a large picture above the mantle.  It was mainly there to cover a hole from a TV that hung there.  I really didn’t feel like covering the hole, and the mantle would look pretty bare if the picture was moved, but it certainly was not my style.  So I changed it!
What You’ll Need: Large Framed Picture, White Spray Paint, Black Paint
First, I repainted the gold frame.  It had some damaged areas and kind of a weird texture painted on it.
Then I covered the picture in white spray paint.  This provided a large blank canvas.
To paint the words, first draw it out with a pencil, then color it in with the black paint.
Simple, sweet, and a huge change for little money.
XO, Kelly

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