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Now that I have an office space, I want to decorate it.  Of course I do! But while I have plenty of amazing shelf space, the basement has a built-in, I have limited wall space.
You know I’m not one for clutter so I had to come up with a solution.  I wanted a lot of inspiration and prints and all that good stuff but it had to take up as little room as possible.  Here’s what I did.
What You’ll Need: Large Frame with Mat, Paint, Pen or Marker, Twine, Mini Clothespins, Prints
Take apart the frame and set aside the glass, you won’t need it.  I’ve actually been trying to figure out a project for it, stay tuned! 
Paint the back panel and set it aside to dry.  


For the mat, you can create any pattern you want.  I went with an abstract line pattern.  Want to do the same?  Take a straight edge and start making multiple lines in different directions until you like the look.
On the inside of the mat, glue a line of twine.  Be sure that it’s not too loose or too tight.
Now reassemble the frame (without the glass) and pin your prints to the line. 
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XO, Kelly

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