Ten [little} Things #11

1. Watching the DAC (studio I teach at) company showcase with my mama. WERK!
2. Crafting for one of my BFFs’ little girls. I’ll share one of the projects this week!
3. Bought the paint to start that master bedroom makeover!
4. Created a new logo for  my shop.
5. Wonderful time with friends at a 2 year old party. 
6. Got Mr. G’s t-shirt (shown in pic above) from Tupelo Honeys Clothing that I did the graphic for.  I’m pretty darn proud of it!
7. IKEA trip!
8. New rugs and serving wear.  Yay for housewarming gifts!
9. Lazy Sunday afternoon while Mr. G napped.
10. Watching Hubs hold a week old baby girl. Cutest thing!
What brought YOU joy this past week?
XO, Kelly
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