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Let’s face it, when you decide that you are “ready” to have a child there are a million things running through your head.  Preparing for all of the things you may encounter and obtaining all of the items it takes to take care of this tiny human being.  By the time baby gets here, you may have even read all of the books and heard every single horror story people with children can throw at you.  
All this being said, NOTHING prepares you for the shear terror having a child can really be.  
Why so scary?  Because this little person that you brought into the world is the most precious thing you’ve ever held.  The love is so unbearably strong that when something happens to them, the world around you shatters and you feel like curling up in a ball and making it all go away.  Whether you handle the stress well or not, your insides want to come outside and you pray with all your might for it to stop.
Two days ago Mr. G and I were having a normal day.  I dropped him off at the gym where he takes a kids’ class with my dad and went to work.  A normal Wednesday.
When I went to pick him up, he had apparently been lethargic and warm most of the evening.  I didn’t think to much of it.  I try not to freak out whenever Mr. G gets a low grade fever since kids get sick a lot.  I mean, they eat boogers for goodness sake!  When we got home, we kept him up until he could have his second dose of medicine and go to bed.  He felt much warmer than a low grade fever though, so we took his temperature.  103.6…..what? His breathing was much faster than normal (which we now know is something that happens with high fevers) so we called the 24/7 nurse line.  After a few questions she advised me to call 911.  DO WHAT?!  I started having a panic attack right that second and had to hand the phone to my husband. 
I had to tell him these were his “big boy stickers” so he would rip them off.
An ambulance ride, a fever that topped out at 104.1, heart monitors, chest x-ray, both sets of grandparents coming for support, lots of prayer, and a couple of hours in the ER later, we went home with that knowledge that it was probably just a bad virus.  Better safe than sorry and now we know what to do if this ever happens again.  A pediatrician follow up and a virus is confirmed.  Possibly roseola which she told me is very rare for adults to catch.  That’s what they told me about hand foot and mouth too, so we’ll see! 
Even though this was our third ER visit in Mr. G’s two years, it wasn’t any less upsetting.  I don’t think it will ever be easy.  But he’s already much better and back to his normal, rambunctious self.  God is good!
XO, Kelly
(PS: Our normally scheduled “Saw it, Pinned It, Tried It” will be back next week!)

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