DIY // Burlap Door Sign

I think what I love most about this project is that it can be used for anything!  Any party theme, any occasion, etc.  I definitely plan on making one for our new house!

What You’ll Need: Burlap fabric, paint, wooden dowel, glue, ribbon/string
Measure out how big you’d like the banner to be and cut out your shape. Make sure you have two layers of fabric.
Put a large sheet of paper or a plastic bag in between the layers to prevent paint bleed. Then paint your message or design.  I made a stencil from an image of a train and painted it in.
Put the wooden dowel at the fold of your fabric and glue the edges together.  Leave a little bit of space so that the dowel can slide in and out.  Tie ribbon or string around the ends of the dowel and hang on wreath hanger/hook.
Bonus points: This is going on Mr. G’s new big boy room in the new house!
XO, Kelly

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