Scatter Brained

So I know that today is when I usually post a Pinterest project but my brain is literally going a mile a minute.  I’ve definitely pinned plenty of things, but none of them have been done!
Why?  Party prepping!  I have a million and one projects that I have been working on and a toddler that doesn’t want me to do them.
So today is a day for a little brain spilling.  I’m so excited about so many things and I want to share them all. (I can’t actually do that…but I want to!) So here’s what I can share at the moment.

Tomorrow is Mr. G’s party and I have been up to my elbows in all things trains.  Expect many DIYs involving trains in the days to come!  Tomorrow is also my birthday, and I don’t care how old I get, I will always be excited for my birthday.

We are swiftly approaching our closing date on our first house.  HOUSE!  It’s crazy to think that I’ve had this dream of own a home and it’s really coming true.  So expect larger scale DIYs later this year.
In that same vein, there are boxes EVERYWHERE.  All around me are boxes and boxes and more boxes.  I may go insane.  Mr. G, however, thinks they are the best things ever.

And last but not least…be on the lookout for a fun change.  Want to know sooner?  Follow me on Instagram.  I plan on documenting it!

*happy sigh* That was good.
XO, Kelly

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