Saw It, Pinned It, Tried It // Take Out Box Stamp

Now that I have one party behind me, I’m gearing up for other.  This one is so very dear to my heart I could burst!  It Mr. G’s 2nd birthday party!  Trains trains everywhere and the favor bags are first on my list.  I’m not gonna lie, they didn’t turn out as great as I had hoped they would, but I saved money by not buying an actual stamp and I can’t be mad at that! (Remember, it’s the little things!)
Original Pin
What You’ll Need:
Styrofoam Takeout Box
Exacto Knife
Picture (optional)
Cut out a square of styrofoam to work on.  Using your image as a guide, draw out the picture on the styrofoam, trying not to push too hard.  You can also freehand draw a design if that’s your thing.  Keep in mind that however you draw the image, it will be reversed when you go to stamp. 
Paint the image in and test it out before you put it on anything special. (i.e. the 12 favor bags that I don’t plan on buying more of!) I added a handle (old wine cork) to make painting the stamp easier.
They definitely don’t all turn out the same but it adds charm.  I painted in some of them here and there but overall, not too shabby for a takeout box!
XO, Kelly

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